I put a question mark there because I’m not entirely sure if this is their “official” honeymoon – here are Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman, a week after their wedding in Paris, in Positano having dinner with friends last night. According to E! News, Zoe was showing wedding photos to her friends on her phone. I want to see too! It’s offside fan entitlement though, I know. 

One of the two big mysteries last week was Zoe’s wedding dress. The other mystery was where Kawhi Leonard would sign. We found that out on Friday night – he’s heading home to Los Angeles. Zoe’s reveal, as noted, is going to take longer. If she even decides to reveal it at all. Which, obviously, only adds to the mystique of it, again not like it’s any of my goddamn business or yours, if you’re like me and desperate to see what she wore because this is Zoe Kravitz, not Pinterest. She wore white bike shorts and a mesh dress to the rehearsal dinner! The dress had to be spectacular! Maybe you don’t care as much as I do? 

Here’s the thing – most people these days have their wedding sh-t up on Instagram before the wedding is even over. Part of that, for civilians, and Lea Michele, is that weddings turn people into narcissists. Another part is the modern worry that their moment will be spoiled by guests posting on their own social media accounts. I’m sure you’ve seen yourself or read about the drama that can ensue when someone other than the couple shares pictures before the couple. Friendships have ended over it. 

With Zoe though, being that her guests were celebrities or celebrity-adjacent who understand better than civilians about spoilers. She’s not worried that Nicole Kidman or Reese Witherspoon or Denzel Washington will ruin it. If she’s not going to show us, they for sure won’t show us. Everything is locked down, secure. Which only adds to my desperation to see! Will we ever see?!