The Super Bowl is happening soon. It’s supposed to be a football game but, obviously, it’s also become a three hour competition between companies trying to put out the best ads featuring horses, dogs, other animals, and, of course, celebrities. Several Super Bowl ads featuring celebrities have already been released online ahead of the main event. Steve Carell, Cardi B, and Lil John did one for Pepsi. 2 Chainz and Adam Scott are in one for Expensify. Harrison Ford’s getting that Amazon money. Jason Bateman’s featured in a new Hyundai commercial. And Sarah Jessica Parker’s been doing press for her commercial for Stella Artois, also starring Jeff Bridges. That’s where we are now. It’s like having a trailer for a movie trailer. Celebrities are on the usual press circuits promoting commercials. 

One of them is Zoë Kravitz. Michelob is launching Ultra Pure Gold, their first (American) national distributed organic beer. The ad features Zoë in Hawaii in doing ASMR. 


I don’t even have to hear her and I feel the tingles. Her face, it’s unreal. And, yeah, her voice is pretty f-cking extraordinary too. 

In support of the ad, Zoë did an interview with InStyle about the partnership and also said that her favourite Big Little Lies co-star to drink with is Reese Witherspoon. Yeah I would have guessed that. She also said that she’s started planning her wedding and that it’ll be this year. Now THAT is a wedding that should be Vogued. It’s Zoë Kravitz. Come on. Also, for me, it’s Zoë and Karl Glusman and I am into them together in a way that borders on creepy. I think part of it is how into her he is because I would be the same:


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She’s pretty f-cking into him too because they’re comments on each other’s posts are… a LOT:


Here’s another example:


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And you know what? I don’t mind it. I would mind it with anyone else. And I don’t mind this. It’s bias, for sure. It’s just… Zoë. 


Wait. Here’s one more:


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OK fine, that one might be a step too far. 

In other Zoë news, she’s actually in another commercial, with her dad. It’s a short film for Tumi that features Lenny taking Zoë back to the Bahamas to see her grandfather’s home for the first time. It’s not intended to be but this is ASMR too. 


Oh and one more thing – her Instagram post yesterday, Christ Jesus. 


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