Zoe Saldana is now making the media rounds to promote Avatar: The Way of Water. I didn’t see the first movie, I don’t feel any cultural FOMO from it, so I can’t say I’m at all interested in the second movie. But if I do see the second movie, it will likely be for Zoe because I’m more into her now than I ever have been after watching From Scratch. Which… I guess I could just rewatch From Scratch for the third time? 


As already mentioned, I love this show. It’s such a lovingly told story that breaks your heart and fills you up all at the same time. And in my opinion, it’s the best performance of Zoe’s career – she is SO GOOD in this role. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s actually great for cozy season, during the holiday break if you have some down time. Park yourself on the couch for an afternoon and just cry your feelings out. Also, interestingly, I have a very good, very Italian friend who says that they’ve also put just as much care into the Italian parts of the story as they have with everything else – so they’ve done so much work here to honour all the people they’re representing. 

Anyway, Zoe on promo means Zoe fashion. And this is very, very good fashion. That’s a great leather pencil skirt under the wide belt and the tie and crisp white shirt but what pulls it all together is the oversized blazer. It would not be the same chic if the blazer was fitted or not as wide around the shoulders. That’s what makes it such a modern look. I guess then this is what I’ll be paying attention to most on the Way of Water press tour: Zoe’s style tour.