A few years ago, Zoe Saldana used to be a style watch for me. I always cared about what she’d wear. And I would almost always be into it. Because it was never what everyone else was wearing. She’s not showing up in a boring strapless gown. 

Zoe and Emma Stone have the same stylist, Petra Flannery. And you can see the similarities in their style vibes – edgy without going too far forward and never boring. 

Here’s a classic Petra Flannery look: beautifully tailored pants, plunging neckline…and a giant bow in front that 100% is meant to challenge the style basics. Oh yeah? I KNOW you’re not going to like this bow. That’s the point. Any style conversation can be separated into two groups: the bows and the bow-nots. Are you a bow or a bow-not?