I am predictable. I like layered clothing that falls away from the body instead of clinging to it. I like levels and structure. I like print and I like unusual shapes. This outfit on Zoe Saldana, Tory Burch, was basically designed for me. It wasn’t. But I’m reading it that way because this is everything I have ever wanted in a look. 

This plaid, the colours in it, the teal mixing with the orange – Duana has a coat in similar colours that I’ve wanted to steal from her for years and it’s so special because these colours, for some reason, aren’t coupled together as often as they should be. Every time I see the combination it feels new. And then it’s the long jacket, over a high waist skirt, over a pair of pants – different lengths coming together to create all kinds of balance. In particular, I am obsessed with the fact that the skirt over the trousers makes it from some angles look like harem pants. This is breathtaking.


I just zoomed in tighter. Is this… actually…a pair of pants with the skirt/apron/whatever attached, like it’s all one piece?