When I saw this chevron print striped pantsuit (dress suit?) on Zoey Deutch yesterday, I didn’t think she could top it. But then she came back strong today in the most adorable little black dress and, well, that’s two winners in a row. And both of them with strong collars. 

That’s a great blue collar with matching oversized cuffs on the suit. And I love the detail on the red belt, the way it cuts out into a V exactly where it should to match the pattern. SO GOOD. Also? The top part of this outfit, without the pants, could stand alone, if you wanted to. But what makes it special is that there are pants involved. I don’t think I want to ever wear the dress on its own. 

As for this black dress – I’m never mad at a drop waist and I’m never mad when a collar is highlighted. It’s such a simple way to elevate a look. The only thing that’s sad about this is that I’d have to wear a bra which, I think, would ruin the nude strip through the middle.