Lana Wood, Natalie Wood’s younger sister, has a memoir coming out in which she corroborates a long-standing rumor in Hollywood, that Kirk Douglas sexually assaulted Natalie Wood at a party. Since Kirk is dead, Michael Douglas issued a statement: “May they both rest in peace.” Natalie’s peace might have extended more into her life had she not been assaulted, Michael. (DListed)


A list of Thanksgiving-themed horror movies, in case your holiday vibe is more “slashers and ghosts” and less “egg nog and mistletoe”. Everyone’s already moving on to Christmas, but SOME OF US AREN’T DONE WITH SPOOKY SEASON YET, DONNA. (Popsugar)

Zoey Deutch went outside wearing a shiny plaid jacket and very huge shoulders and I want to know how much that things weighs. It’s either very heavy or very light, I bet. (Go Fug Yourself)

Sports gossip is blowing up this week as it was revealed Aaron Rodgers isn’t vaccinated and got COVID. Now, he’s “furious” that his unvaxxed status has been revealed. Dude’s engaged to forest sister Shailene Woodley of the Sunny Labia. What did anyone expect his belief system to be? (Celebitchy)

Today’s true crime beat: Art Basel got hacked. The art world has become a ripe target for hackers, adding onto the already so-rampant-nobody-wants-to-even-discuss-it amount of fraud that goes on in that industry. Most people know the Isabella Gardner Museum heist, but if you’re a true crime aficionado, pay attention to the art world updates, there is CONSTANTLY something shady happening on that street. (Vanity Fair)