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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 10, 2015 17:23:36 September 10, 2015 17:23:36

As you know, Beyonce, over the last couple of years, has decided that everyone talks too much. And since she's not everyone, she's stopped talking. No interviews. Not even for VOGUE.

As I wrote a few weeks ago,  Beyonce’s silence is a great fame strategy. Beyonce wants to be studied without giving you the answers. She’s turning us all into students – students of Beyonce, trying to figure out Beyonce. With nothing to go on but Instagram photos and …a few words.

Beyonce covers the new issue of Flaunt. She let them shoot her…but she wouldn’t let them speak to her. Instead then, they asked her to play word association. Or she offered to play word association. Or, maybe, she just offered them this word cloud. And now we’re obsessing over the word cloud.

Don’t get it twisted. These weren’t spontaneous responses. Beyonce never uses words to represent Beyonce without Beyonce-ing the sh-t out of them. She’s telling you that at 4am, when the world is sleeping, she’s creating, she’s imagining, she’s in the studio, being Beyonce. If Beyonce says you should go see Hamilton, you should f-cking go see Hamilton. Don’t call her an icon. That’s basic. She’s history… or she will be, like Michael. As for the competition?

As IF.

WHO’s Beyonce’s competition?

And her opinion on celebrities, well, is she? Or are they?

That’s what she does now. These are the scraps she gives us to pick over. Sangria w/ extra fruit and the beach.

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