Smutty Social Media, January 26, 2016

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I’m sorry, I love the texts between Amy Schumer and Colin Quinn, I can’t help it. “Trust me it’ll go viral.”



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Squad quiet time. Guess it’s harder to round up an Instagram posse when everyone’s in Paris for fashion week.

Well Karlie Kloss isn’t at fashion week, she’s making “kookies.” But she and Taylor must be keeping their hangouts more private – they don’t seem to share a lot of photos together anymore.

This is obviously a joke but I did read that dirt is a new food trend. Everyone is already drinking active charcoal, so dirt isn’t that outrageous.


Doing research for #fullycommitted has tuned me into a bit of a food snob on the #ModernFamily set. @fullybroadway

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Why is Milo’s chair so small? Do they assign them by height?



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They really are like a married couple – hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes of texting and watching YouTube clips is the cornerstone of a happy marriage.


@jennikonner knew I was texting in the bathroom

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It’s harder to eat one chip, for sure!


POLL: which is harder: to eat only one chip (crisp) or just one spoonful of cereal? Discuss.

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We are supposed to pay attention to Lily-Rose Depp now. So here you go. And that’s Kevin Smith’s daughter, Harley.


Sweating it's so fucking hot here in park city. Somebody throw an ice cube down my shirt

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You have to admire his dedication in getting the t-shirt made. I can honestly say I’ve never met a “real life Mormon.”


Skippy "I'm a real life Mormon" @sundance photo @nlyonne

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“Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Why don't you bring her for a drink when you come?” Her name is Katie too. I don’t blame her for giving into this urge, not one bit.


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