Charlie and my eye

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2016 14:11:53 September 1, 2016 14:11:53

Appreciate your emails and tweets about my stank eye yesterday. Thank you! It still hurts and it’s probably still gross but I can open it wide enough to ogle Charlie Hunnam. Which is maybe why this happened in the first place. There’s an old wives’ tale in Chinese culture about eye sores – you get them when you’re a perv. In Dominican culture though it’s apparently about pregnant women? Yesterday I mentioned that my friend Dylan Instagrammed a picture of my eye and someone called Gabbie left a comment on the post:

Who’s pregnant? And what did I deny you?

Anyway, here’s Charlie yesterday after a meeting, not helping my eye stye at all. Does he have to be so f-cking hot?


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