No sweatpants for Eva Mendes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 19, 2015 20:09:23 March 19, 2015 20:09:23

Eva Mendes was interviewed by Extra because she’s promoting a makeup line, or something. I actually cracked up when she had to say the following:

“This is an amazing opportunity for me to bring quality products to people at drugstore prices.”

The most originally worded endorsement of all time, non?

Anyway, that comes at the end. Before that, the set-up is, you know – parenthood. Which is the most privately UNPRIVATE conversational topic for celebrities. From there, we move on to her beauty and style routines.

Which is when she makes the following declaration:


In fact, she jokes that sweatpants are so offside, they could lead to divorce.

Well, Eva Mendes, I respectfully disagree.

But it could give us some insight into her relationship with Ryan Gosling, non? I’ve asked you before, those of you who anti-ship these two, what it is about them together that you can’t get with. (Beyond the Rachel McAdams hope.) And some of you have told me that it’s because in your fantasies, he picks the Girl Next Door. Who wears sweatpants. Eva Mendes doesn’t wear sweatpants. Ryan Gosling didn’t pick a woman who wears sweatpants.

Angela Weiss/ Getty Images

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