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Matthew McConaughey in Free State of Jones

July 7, 2016 20:05:23 Posted at July 7, 2016 20:05:23
Sarah Posted by Sarah
BBD/ Raymond Hall/ Getty Images

A Confederate soldier, played by Matthew McConaughey with a scraggly History Beard, navigates a Civil War battlefield. He’s a medic, more interested in alleviating whatever suffering he can than inflicting it on anyone else, and he’s dazed by the sheer scale of pain and misery surrounding him. Full Story

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Little Beauty, Less Beast

May 24, 2016 15:42:13 Posted at May 24, 2016 15:42:13
Duana Posted by Duana

I hope you were not waiting on this.  For lots of people, Beauty and The Beast went hand-in-hand with The Little Mermaid as the hallmarks of the renaissance of New Disney—headstrong heroines who love books and adventures and just happen to find romance along the way. Then for others, Beauty and The Beast, the stage musical, was a surprisingly mid-key segue between the grandiose musicals your mom went to with her friends, like Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, and the RENTs and Avenue Qs that became your workout soundtracks on a super-skip-y CD Walkman. Full Story

Kissing Gugu

December 11, 2014 21:38:18 Posted at December 11, 2014 21:38:18
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Karwai Tang/ Tristan Fewings/ Getty Images

The New York Times released a series of videos yesterday all themed around kissing starring actors who delivered some of the finest performances of the year. There are 9 of them. And my favourite… Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Miles Teller. Because I love her. Because look at her face, don’t you want to kiss her? It’s because of Belle. Full Story