Brienne & Gidget out together

June 12, 2013 21:04:04 Posted at June 12, 2013 21:04:04
Lainey Posted by Lainey
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Brienne of Tarth and Gidget from Game Of Thrones were both at the Groucho Club in London last night. It makes me happy. It makes me happy that they hang out when they’re not in the North or fighting bears in the Seven Kingdoms.

Spoiler alert, even though, you know, how can you not know by now...

I’ll wait...

I’ll wait...

I’ll wait...

Relief right? I was worried for Gidget and Jon Snow there. They were too happy. Too happy = dying. So it’s good that they broke up. And it’s great HOW they broke up. With her shooting arrows at his head. It certainly put death off... for now. I mean, with everyone on that show, it’s a for now situation. What if staying alive meant staying apart. Oh well sh-t, we sound like Edward Cullen now.

Since Jaime hit up Cersei as soon as he came home, I assume they’re going to sibling-f*ck right away. I will picture him picturing Brienne while he’s doing his sister.

10 months feels very, very long. And there’s so much to do until then.

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