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Gwyneth Paltrow accompanied her friend Miuccia Prada at the British Fashion Awards last night in London. She’s wearing Prada, obviously. G’s been tight with Prada for a while now. Just last month she was in Paris with Prada for the window unveiling at Printemps. Click here for a refresher. They keep reporting that all her friends are abandoning her…and none of her friends have abandoned her. Vanity Fair still hasn’t published that hit piece on her either. Did my G end up winning in the end?

Speaking of G and her friends, she and her friend/fitness business partner Tracy Anderson are doing a web series for AOL called The Restart Project, profiling inspiring women who’ve challenged themselves through wellness and physical activity…I think? Anderson says in the trailer – below – that these people are worthy of being featured because “They're not focused on getting into their skinny jeans - they're focused on healing themselves from the inside out”.

Um, isn’t getting into skinny jeans the whole point of Tracy Anderson? This is the same person who once said that Gwyneth Paltrow’s body had “significant problem areas”, right? G has never had a “significant problem area” on her body. For a while though, she wasn’t doing much good by her skin. Was it too much sun? Too much…something else? She’s admitted to Botox and said it make her look “crazy” – click here for a refresher – so now she claims her thing is facials. I’m telling you, what she should be hitting up is cold gel laser. As you know, I’ve been all over it for almost two years, and it’s f-cking incredible the difference. No down time, non-invasive, and the results are SICK.

Click here for my previous posts about my skin magician Lorinda Zimmerman. Lorinda’s W Skin Care is now open in Toronto. I work with super vain television people – from on-air talent to producers to makeup artists, I’ve started sending them all to see Lorinda. And these are jaded bitches who’ve tried everything, who think that Botox is the only way.

They are now believers. The difference in their skin is staggering. You don’t look like a freak. You look like yourself. Your pores are smaller. Your skin is tighter, but naturally. I wonder if that’s why Halle Berry flies in and out of Vancouver (site of Lorinda’s first clinic) for no official work reasons.

Click here and ask about Lorinda’s “Hollywood 6” series. This is why Hollywood casting agents and studios keep sending their talent to see her. Look, I have no investment either way in whether or not you decide to try it. I’m just trying to get you to consider alternatives before sticking a needle in your face. 

Anyway, Lorinda uses a line of products from Bio Jouvance. I’ve been really into the Gold serum and the Gold cream. Like real flecks of gold absorbing into your skin for extra moisture – helps with the Canadian cold weather.

I’m giving away 5 packs of the serum/cream combination valued at $170 – my small gift to you in appreciation for supporting my blog this year. You want? Email [email protected] with GOLD Giveaway as the subject by Friday, December 6 at noon PT. Winners will be selected by random draw. Click here for Contest Terms.

Now, about this video…

It’s full of awesome. G talks to “regular folk” and, well, she’s trying very hard.

Splash, Stuart C. Wilson/ Getty

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