C-nt and Lil C-nt

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Joanna wrote in the previous post about Reese Witherspoon’s support of Natalie Portman. I wrote on Tuesday about Tom Hanks’s support of Natalie Portman in Palm Springs and how, well, even though Emma Stone had the early momentum for Best Actress, you can’t mistake the signs now – Natalie Portman has probably overtaken Emma for the lead in a race that was thought to be the most competitive in years but…I’m starting to think that she’s already got it locked up. Last night Julia Roberts stood up for her.

Here’s Julia, with Natalie, at a Jackie screening for AMPAS members in LA on Thursday. To be annoyingly and obviously clear, that’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the presence of two Oscar winners last, both of whom excel at the art of buttering up. More on that in a minute. First, let’s go back to the Julia-Natalie history. They worked together on Closer. And then, in 2007, when Julia was honoured by the American Cinematheque, Natalie spoke at the event and talked about their bond – video below, if you want to skip the introduction, start at 0:55:

Not every actress can get up on stage in a roomful of people while the cameras are rolling and drop a “c-nt” and a “lil c-nt” and not only not be criticised by be embraced for it. Only certain actresses, certain women. For Natalie, it’s that “persistent freaky baby quality” I keep referring to. It’s why we laugh when a toddler says “f-ck”. Julia too, gets the same do-anything pass in that room, with a slight, ever so slight, tweak. She’s America’s Sweetheart who knows all the right things to say…but who can also be very bad girl at exactly the right time. Both of these women hit the safest fetishes for the kind of men making these kinds of decisions. See also Jennifer Lawrence. Julia, however, doesn’t seem to have warmed to Jennifer the way she clearly has warmed, and adores, Natalie Portman. Is she endorsing Natalie for Oscar AND as her heir? To be discussed on the next episode of our Show Your Work podcast.

Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts at The 22nd Annual American Cinematheque Award at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 12, 2007 in Beverly Hills, California

E. Charbonneau / Getty Images, PG/ Splash News

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