Let’s Talk About The Best Celebrity Bums Cottonelle Edition –JLo (with Iggy)

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Did the MTV VMAs recently feel like a giant butt-off? When did Hollywood become a butt competition? Why am I complaining??? It’s butt season. The timing couldn’t be better. Because then Cottonelle approached us to highlight their bum-pampering products and all these famous butts just happen to be in our faces…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

So. Here it is. The Great Butt Debate. For the next 3 weeks we’ll analyse, we’ll compare, we’ll argue, we will look them in the butt and judge them by their bums and celebrate their bums.

Bums deserve to be loved. And Cottonelle is all about treating your bum with the highest level of care with some industry-leading products to do just that. Why should your bum be a second class citizen to your face? The bum has feelings too. The bum appreciates a gentle touch. Well, at least mine does. I can’t deal with budget toilet paper. It’s like a slap in the face where the bum requires, no, demands, a tender caress. Do your bum right and invest in quality toilet paper and, when necessary, a proper wet wipe that’s looking out for the wellbeing of your bum. Especially on stupidly humid days. Especially during the film festival when you can’t go home and meet your minimum 3 shower a day quota.

Can I ask you a question?

Really? You shower in the morning and not at night and you’re just like ok with getting into the bed with the entire world on your body? I mean, you can’t be fresh down there. You’re NOT fresh down there. Not if you’re not taking a shower. But I judge you less if you’re wiping.

I’ve recently started using Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Wipes. They come in an upright, moisture locked dispenser so they stay moist and don’t require a lot of space. And their container is refillable so you’re not recycling plastic each time you finish. Just get a replacement pack and you then you don’t have to be wiping your daily filth on clean sheets at night.  

So back to bums … the first can’t miss Hollywood bum is JLO’s booty. Because she recently gave us a double shot with Iggy Izalea for the Booty remix. See? What did I just say? Butt-offs are happening everywhere, even when they’re supposed to be butt collaborating.

Check back next week when I nominate the next celeb bum. And click here to find out more about Cottonelle’s line-up of bum-pampering products.

Attached:  More of JLo at the MTV Video Music Awards and arriving at the American Idol auditions in New Orleans three days later.

Christopher Polk /Erika Goldring /Jason Merritt / Frazer Harrison /Getty Images

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