Kevin Smith’s decency

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 19, 2017 13:12:53 October 19, 2017 13:12:53
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In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall, a lot of celebrities have been asked to comment on the situation. Many women have come out and spoken about their experience(s) with Weinstein, or men just like him, and some men, like Terry Crews, have shed light on how widespread the problem truly is, that it isn’t just limited to “one bad apple”. Full Story

Josh Brolin and Miles Teller in Only The Brave

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 18, 2017 17:18:09 October 18, 2017 17:18:09
Mireya Acierto/ KENA BETANCUR/ Jim Spellman/ J. Kempin/ Getty Images

Movies about gritty men with gritty jobs only get made when something terrible happens (see also: Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon), so you know going in that Only The Brave, a film about a group of wildfire-fighting “hotshots”, is going to have something terrible in it. The Granite Mountain Hotshots became the first municipal wildfire-fighting crew in US history, and the first half of Only The Brave details what it took for them to achieve that. Full Story

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Will the Real UnREAL Please Stand Up

Maria Posted by Maria at October 18, 2017 15:46:04 October 18, 2017 15:46:04
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I loved the first season of UnREAL. I disliked the second season of UnREAL. I can’t totally hate Quinn and Rachel, but I did hate what the show did to itself, the way it handled the Black Lives Matter movement and the way it turned an unarmed black man being shot by the police into a storyline about Rachel’s feelings. Full Story

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The Weinstein web keeps growing

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 18, 2017 15:13:09 October 18, 2017 15:13:09
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Why is there a Weinstein scandal update every five minutes? Because the Weinsteins, mainly Harvey and now Bob, have over the last 30 years, been involved in every corner of the celebrity ecosystem and many adjacent ecosystems. Full Story

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dear Gossips,

Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel, an Amazon production, is scheduled for release December 1. This is award season. So there was some speculation, before the film screened at the NY Film Festival this weekend, that it could be part of the conversation.  Read Full Intro