Hot Harry in the Caribbean

November 21, 2016 13:34:19 Posted at November 21, 2016 13:34:19
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Prince Harry arrived in Antigua yesterday, the first stop on his two week tour of the Caribbean. Harry is representing Her Majesty, his grandmother, on the trip, as she doesn’t do long distance travel anymore. He’s scheduled to visit seven countries, including Barbados, to celebrate its 50th birthday, and Rihanna will be there too. Today he’s supposed to play cricket. At some point, hopefully, there will be dancing.

While Harry’s at work in Caribbean, Meghan Markle also returned to work last week in Toronto on Suits. They wrapped on Sunday.


5:15 am wrap of season 6 @suits_usa finale with @halfadams & @meghanmarkle

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As for those reports out of the UK that she was in Dublin last Tuesday, it was actually an old photo surfaced on social media from a previous trip as she’s been in Toronto for over a week now. But it shows you how the British media is scrambling a little right now, having been shut out by Harry and his team on any information leaks about his relationship following the deployment of the Love Shield.

For the next two weeks though, there’s a royal romance break while Harry is touring. And then, when he returns home on December 4, the speculation can resume. By then Harry and Meghan will have been apart for over 3 weeks. How long after he gets back before he sees her? Where will he see her? Will she spend Christmas with him in England? Are her dogs invited?

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