Selena wants to go to bed

May 11, 2015 19:47:36 Posted at May 11, 2015 19:47:36
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Selena Gomez posted a video to Instagram last night. She’s in bed. She’s beautifully lit. Like so well lit that it looks like she’s still wearing eyeshadow…which might actually be the case. Her skin is glowing, healthy. Her lips are full, glossy, perfect. Her shoulder is bare, soft. Her breast is covered…but it’s so close, it’s right there. And when her eyes drop down and then come back up to camera, well…

She can’t sleep.


Um. Is it just me and my filthy mind? Because the way she’s kinda writhing around here, with that breathy voice, it’s like she’s hard up. And she wants someone to know it. Who?


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