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Smutty Social Media, September 12, 2017

Maria Posted by Maria at September 12, 2017 18:43:17 September 12, 2017 18:43:17

I love how the Fast & Furious franchise is nothing but drama for The Rock. Earlier this week, he posted a story about signing a deal and if you follow The Rock, you know this is a pretty regular thing. His brand is heavily tied to his work ethic. But Tyrese saw the post and got all in his feelings about a possible Fast & Furious Hobbs spin-off. Full Story

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What Else?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 11, 2017 21:28:51 September 11, 2017 21:28:51

Just in case you forgot, Sasha used to be Tara Reid’s personal assistant. She doesn’t talk about it like it was a career highlight. But one of the highlights of my life is hearing her talk about all the bullsh-t that she had to deal with when she was managing Tara Reid’s life. I haven’t seen Sasha yet today because we are all over the place covering TIFF, on different assignments. Full Story