The Bridge 1.4: “I’ll take that with me forever”

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The Bridge Season 1, Episode 4 recap

So last episode Marco and Rich Widow started having an affair out of nowhere and we learned a little about Creepy Steven, enough to make me wonder if he isn’t Serial Killer Doug. Matthew Lillard and Cub Reporter witnessed a murder in Juarez, and Matthew Lillard is a cokehead and Cub Reporter is a lesbian. And the cartel lady had Rich Widow’s pretty horse killed as a warning. Also Smart One has been left in the desert to die, and it’s being broadcast on the internet. This show is like Justified + The Godfather +Tarantino.

All hand’s on deck at Sonya’s precinct—station?—to search for Smart One before she dies in the desert.

Rich Widow’s step-daughter is dependably bratty. She’s also racist and knows about Marco. Rich Widow’s life is getting super stressful.

Cub Reporter is like, “Let me ask you questions,” and Marco is all, “Bitch, that chick is dying in the desert—be helpful.”

Creepy Steven brakes for snakes. I don’t know if that’s super sensitive or just more creepy to add to the pile.

All the police activity around the border is really cutting into the drug running business. There’s a new drug boss—let’s call him Jefe, like his underling does—who has to go after the Raging Lunatic Pimp because he killed that lady while looking for the Missing Hooker.

Sonya and Marco find Matthew Lillard. The scene is made by the monster truck show playing in the background.

Ah, the threads begin to come together. Jefe needs to use the cartel lady’s—okay, we’re calling her La Senora from now on—tunnel on Rich Widow’s ranch because he can’t get his drugs through the desert with the cops crawling around everywhere. Also Jefe threw nail polish remover in some guy’s eyes which just seems mean.

I think I have Television Character Name Blindness. In real life I have no problem remembering names but it’s nearly impossible for me to remember TV characters.

Because Smart One was kidnapped, the FBI is in charge of the investigation. They’re all assh*les and everyone hates them.

Everyone also hates Matthew Lillard.

Doug called about the ransom drop—Sonya’s right, this is totally not about the money—and now he knows the Feebs’ names. That isn’t going to end well for the FBI.

Sonya: That’s [Marco’s] wife. She calls all the time.
Hank: Well he’s got a strong marriage.

It was actually Jefe on the phone. See—here’s my name blindness. Jefe = Fausto Galvan, the cartel boss Marco had to ask for permission to pursue the Christina Fuentes case. Well he’s Jefe now.

Jefe brought a million dollars for Smart One’s ransom and wants Marco to give it to the FBI to save her. But also it would get the cops out of the desert. Win-win.

God these FBI guys are dicks. They don’t want to use the money, they don’t want to let Marco go to the drop. It’s just no-no-no all the time with them.

Creepy Steven took the Runaway Hooker to some creepy religious guy. All he wants for helping her is a kiss. Creepy Steven is really oddly sweet. Please don’t be Doug.

I really, really hate it when static shots are done with hand-held cameras. There is no reason for a simple two shot of people standing around talking to be done with godd*mn shaky cam.

The FBI are not only assh*les but they’re incompetent—they aren’t going to check out the drop site before going in. At least one of them is definitely going to die. Meanwhile, Sonya figured out where Smart One is based on shadows, a plot point so wide open obvious you could drive a truck through it.

This episode is directed by Bill Johnson, a veteran of Justified. That explains all the close-ups but not the freaking shaky cam. Please do not bring that particular trick to the next season of Justified.

Rich Widow drops off Marco’s wallet and now the sassy police secretary is totally onto her. Rookie mistake, Rich Widow.

Little bit of filler on Sonya’s dead sister. She died alone and Sonya can’t bring herself to visit the grave.

Sonya and Hank find Smart One in the nick of time (naturally), but the drop is going south. Feeb #1 got a phone with a message and then disappeared. Meanwhile, Matthew Lillard is getting texts from Doug, directing him to find something—probably Feeb #1—in the dumpser.

Doug gets the drop on Marco and beats him up. We now know Doug wears cowboy boots.

Sonya and Hank find Marco, along with the money and a bag containing Feeb #1’s head (GROSS) and the phone. The message turns out to be that video of Christina Fuentes, but this time it goes on to show that Feeb #1 was a john. So now we also know that Doug is a man with complicated, multi-layered plans. The whole set up with Smart One was not about money, but was in fact about getting to and killing Feeb #1. Doug is straight up gangster. And only Sonya can stop him!

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