Taylor’s next long weekend

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2016 17:11:45 September 1, 2016 17:11:45

We’re coming up on a long weekend here in North America. The last major long weekend in the United States was the Fourth of July, also known as #Taymerica. That’s when Taylor Swift gathered all her friends together at her place in Rhode Island and invited us to join in through pap photos and Instagram. That was also when Swoki love became a tank top. All of that was before the Reckoning of the Receipts.

Here’s Taylor in New York yesterday after being released from jury duty on Monday in Nashville. Where will Taylor be spending this long weekend? In New York? Back in Rhode Island? Swoki was together last in Rhode Island after he spent a few days in LA campaigning for Emmy and then flying to meet her on her jet. So they’ve been apart for almost 3 weeks now. And the Emmys don’t happen for another 3 weeks. He’s still in Australia working on Thor 3. You think she’ll head there for a week or so then come back for a week and then go to the Emmys with him? WILL she actually join him at the Emmys? Do they have a line for this in Vegas yet? 

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