In case you missed it, on Saturday, Taylor Swift had a party to celebrate the music videos for both “ME!” and for “You Need to Calm Down” at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles. Attendees included Hayley Kiyoko, Laverne Cox, and even RuPaul’s Drag Race’s A’keria Davenport. Thanks to her, we were able to get a glimpse into the party, and naturally Twitter went wild seeing Taylor Swift dance to her own songs. It’s a known fact that Taylor can be awkward while dancing, so much so that there’s an entire blog dedicated to it. But Drunk Taylor? Drunk Taylor is a dancer. Which is why #DrunkTaylor went viral Sunday morning. Apparently, while it isn’t 100% confirmed that Taylor was drunk, look at this picture she posted to commemorate the event. 


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That is a drunk Taylor face. And I love it. So much so that here are the 10 Biggest Moods from the #DrunkTaylor Party:

1.    When you’re drunk at a party and you trip so people offer to provide you help but you’re just like, “I’m fine! I’m fine!”


2.    But you really aren’t because he didn’t text back and also the 3 shots of Patron you took are finally hitting you all at once…


3.    But it’s okay because then “Girls” by Beyoncé plays and you’re reminded that you run this motherf-cker.

4.    When you remember that you’re an adult with bills to pay but you also spent $446 on a new Fenty bag. But it’s for RiRi. But your bank balance is negative.

4.    A visual depiction of anxiety

4.    When you’re reading the news and it just feels like the world is going to end, but you’re here just trying to figure out your sh-t even though the sun is going to fry us all in 50 years.


5.    When you watch a strange video tape you found and then watch TV seven days later (get it?)
5. When you wake up and your hair just refuses to co-operate


6.    When it’s October and the Starbucks you’re visiting says that they’re all out of Pumpkin Spice. This is me except that I’d be throwing hands too.
6. When somebody’s being too loud and they need to calm down.


7.    When someone takes an unexpected selfie with you in it, so you try and fix your appearance as fast as possible because you’ve cultivated this illusion on social media and this one picture threatens to ruin it all. I feel like Lainey relates most to this one.


8.    When you love your best friend and you both are just happy to enjoy life together. I would say when you love your significant other but I’m single af and bitter about it. 


9.    In the dressing room at H&M when you try on something that you think is going to look ugly but it’s actually lowkey cute. What is it with dressing room lighting that can’t be found anywhere else?


10.    That feeling when you turn around and see a huge ass spider in your way and there’s no one around to deal with it for you. 


Bonus from Laverne Cox:

When your white friends are on their sh-t again. 


When somebody calls out reverse racism.tay-ten-12aug19.png