Dear Gossips,

It’s an auspicious to kick off the 12 Days of Chinese New Year. Our Butterfly! She’s engaged again! The Butterfly is actually a Dog though. And the Dog’s Year of the Monkey will be profiled on Monday. We start today with the Rooster.

Feng Shui and Chinese astrology isn’t so much about fortune telling as it is about luck management. As I’ve written many times, in my book and on this blog, per my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, nobody needs advance notice of good luck. But we could all use a heads-up to be ready for the sh-ts, right? For ma, her Chinese astrological readings, gathered from Chinese astrological guides and a lifetime of studying feng shui, along with personal experience, have always been meant to help recognise when luck is low and how to best prepare for it, so that you might mitigate the damage, so that, hopefully, when the low luck period passes, you might be able to say, “I feel fortunate because it could have been worse”.

Roosters can be stubborn and resistant to change. Flexibility and adaptability, however, are key this year. Because you might be tired. And you might find that you don’t get much return on your efforts. Try to make adjustments though, because there are no lucky stars protecting you this year, which means you have to help yourself. Be very, very careful if you’re signing contracts or making big purchases.

1945 Roosters should be aware of temptation. Ma’s specific instructions were, um, “don’t be a dirty old man cheater”. If you step out, it won’t work out well for you this year. Infidelity will poison your luck.

1957 Roosters turn 60 on the Chinese calendar this year. It’s a milestone birthday. Celebrate BIG. Female Roosters born this year should be mindful of reproductive health.

1969 Roosters (Ice Cube is one of them) are the luckiest of all the Roosters this year. At this point in your life, according to feng shui facial mapping, your path of luck has arrived on the tip of your nose, a high target area. It’s important to surround yourself with joy and festivity. This year would be a good year for a wedding. Or throw a big birthday party for yourself and/or your parents.

1993 Roosters might enjoy some romance.

Don’t worry if your specific year hasn’t been highlighted. Just means that there’s nothing notable beyond the general advisory to be aware of.

In general, Roosters are in the presence of a sick star this year, so you must take care of your body, as family members could be affected. Roosters born in the fall are most vulnerable.

In March and April, watch out for legal issues. In May and June, be extra cautious if you go out of town. In July and August take care of your money, and in May and August, pay close attention to your health.

Again, flexibility is key for the Rooster this year. The way you play it during your low luck period can benefit you when your luck rises. Luck will always dip and climb. If you’re smart during the dips, the energy that you harvest can be like a springboard on the ascent, exponentially increasing the power of your luck when it’s ready to rebound. So don’t be afraid. Instead, see this as an opportunity to fortify your foundation, a year of adjustment and restructure, in preparation for better times to come.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,