It’s a semi-regular US Weekly feature – 25 things you didn’t know…

This time the subject is Chris Brown.

#24 on Chris Brown’s list is:
Success or money never changed who I am as a person.

Even though he’s already told you that he owns 14 Burger Kings (#5), bought his mother a $1 million home when he was 15 (#14), and made $4 million off his clothing line in the first year.

#25 on Chris Brown’s list is that he thinks “the best thing God created was a woman”, which is all kinds of f-cked up because we’ve seen, time and again, how he treats women, but just a reminder, he tells us at #19 that his first car was a Lamborghini. You really want to be reminding us of what happens when you drive Lamborghinis? Sure. Because I’m not his target audience. If you want to torture yourself, spend a few minutes reading One Direction fan fiction. The set-up is often that the girl falls for a pop star who treats them like sh-t, like seriously f-cked up sh-t, for 90% of the story before coming to his senses and proposing. But how many times do guys like that come to their senses?

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