Any man who makes Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton cry deserves consideration for the Freebie 5. And this is exactly what 50 Cent did last night at the 944 Magazine party here in Scottsdale.

It was Ebola’s party, she was the title hostess – we skipped it to go to Diddy’s for obvious reasons. My producer Michelle is lovely and married to a wonderful man. And our camera Dylan… well Dylan has many more women to lance in his lifetime to risk spoiling his prowess by infection.

So 50 is performing and that disease is doing her no rhythm dance by the side of the stage. 50 was kind enough to shout her out, which she took as an invitation to bring her uncoordinated limbs up on stage.

Big mistake.

You never violate a man’s stage.

Which is why 50 told her to beat it, eloquently belting out on the mic to the great pleasure of a crowd of almost a thousand:


What happened? Well Ebola started to boo hoo, pleading with party organisers to let her up because “it’s my party!!!”

Her people quickly rushed the situation in an attempt to block photographers from capturing the embarrassing moment. Too late bitch!!!

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

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