As part of her deal with Gucci, Blake Lively was obliged to do an exclusive interview with The Kit to promote Gucci’s Chime For Change and Gucci’s fragrance Premiere. The interview is about her favourite things about Christmas:

- the smell of pine/spruce: it smells good
- cookies: they taste good
- Christmas movies: they’re really entertaining
- presents: are fun
- family gatherings: they spend hours and hours and hours together non-stop and even climb in bed together. This is very nice.

As opposed to what you might experience at this time of year when you’ll even drag yourself to the gym to escape all the family time for a quick hour.

The video appears to have been taped before Blake’s baby started showing. And neither are her roots (hair)? Anyway, to get you in the Christmas spirit, please enjoy 3 minutes of the Blake Lively Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year.

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