This one is for Maria because she has an Aaron Paul thing. Or maybe it’s a Jesse Pinkman thing. Which I can’t understand because… Jesse Pinkman wasn’t exactly the sex. Is it a pity f-ck?

Here’s Aaron with wife Lauren Parsekian yesterday leaving Bel Bambini which sells expensive baby products. So that might get the rumours started. Thing with Aaron though is that he’s so expressive about his love on social media, I can’t imagine that he would want a set of pap photos to let that out for him. “Expressive” here is a nice way of saying “corny”.

I mean, he’s a really nice guy. But I can’t with his public declarations. Like, he calls her his “Pretty Bird”. Here’s a recent example:



Here’s what he posted on her birthday:



See what I mean? When she’s pregnant, he’s going to cup the sh-t out of that belly and make all kinds of analogies about Pretty Birds and little chicks and eggs. Jesus, I just passed out for a minute after writing that.