Aaron and I hit a bump last week.

First, Sarah brings up Aaron’s Ciroc commercial (or as the marketing team calls it, “short film”).  It’s from last year. Ciroc is repped by Diddy and I’m not gonna lie, I took some heat about that from the LaineyGossip team. BUT can I point out that Michael K Williams (Omar from The Wire) is in it too? And he’s amazing. Yes Chad Michael Murray is also in it but throw me a bone here. The director, Anthony Mandler, is a very seasoned music video guy – and who doesn’t want to star in a music video at least once in their life?

Then a letter came in from reader WA who saw the photos (posted below) and said:

I mean seriously, driving around in a Lamborghini, wearing that hoodie,
looking like an older Justin Bieber?

Does he have small penis/small man syndrome?


But actually – what is he doing? He’s in LA, so definitely not filming Breaking Bad. But he’s attached to a car franchise, Need for Speed, so research? Maybe? It’s very possible.

If it was research, I’m relieved. If it wasn’t, let’s just hope it was a momentary slip in judgment. Lambos are for hip-popping old dudes or boys who need the attention (or Chris Brown to beat up women in), not for sensitive Jesse Pinkman.

Photo Assumption tells me Aaron wasn’t thrilled to be shot driving the Lambo. I mean he didn’t get out and wax the hood or anything. Does the guy who tears up receiving an award and who is currently Twitter stumping to keep an LA taco stand open seem like the type to drive around in a cheesy sports car? It’s a definite disconnect.

Maybe I’m trying too hard to hang on. Now I know how Twihards feel. Fandom is exhausting.

More photos of Aaron at the Zero Dark Thirty premiere, putting his hands not quite in his pockets, but doing a weird thumb hook thing. It looks like he was flying solo. He hasn’t been photographed with his fiancé Lauren in… a while. But they are in still in love, which I easily confirmed, um, through Twitter. They are the kind of couple that tweets sweet nothings to each other. You know the type -- they are the same kind that use a combined email address: [email protected]. Seriously, get your own email address; I can promise you are getting left off of the best email conversations by your friends because no one wants your pumpkin to read their messages.

Aaron spent Sunday at Henry’s Tacos, a legendary LA spot that is in danger of being closed. He’s part of a small, informal group of celebs (Elijah Wood, George Lopez) who are helping the owner (just through the kindness of their hearts) with publicity and photo ops.

And no it’s not curing cancer or saving a starving child, but Aaron is just genuinely interested in helping this small business stay open and spent his Sunday hanging out with strangers and eating tacos. As long as he didn’t pull up in a Lambo, I think we can all forgive his momentary lapse in car judgment. Right? RIGHT???