In Lainey’s Idris Elba post earlier today, she talked about how Stringer Bell, an iconic audience favourite, hasn’t and won’t form Idris Elba’s career. He is humble and grateful for the experience, but it’s not part of his DNA.

Aaron Paul is the exact opposite with his character, Jesse Pinkman. As the final two episodes of Breaking Bad approach, he is doing screenings, talk show appearances, live tweeting episodes and just totally embracing the show’s last season surge in popularity.

He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night, showing off his secret talent of discerning a dog’s sex just by petting him/her (am I naïve to think that this wasn’t rigged?) and talks about his fan encounters.  As we know, Aaron goes out of his way to greet fans – and now it’s biting him in the ass. Remember that tour bus outside his house? He now has people regularly camping out on his doorstep. He did a screening in Boise and did a treasure hunt for tickets – people were tackled to the ground in what sounded like mayhem. Sometimes he asks for people to tweet their phone number so he can call them, and then he spends most of the conversation convincing the fan that he is actually Aaron. And then they scream.

Not that he’s complaining. He seems to be very good-natured about it (especially the camping out on the front door). Because I would move.

He also talks about spoilers. Everyone asks for them but no one wants them. And isn’t that the truth. Just read the tweets from people who freak the eff out if anything Breaking Bad is mentioned before they’ve had a chance to watch (but seriously, what is the expiration on talking about a show? I say one week after it’s aired. Get your sh-t together). But he did say it’s going to get messier. A lot messier.

And what would a victory lap be without a trip to Lainey’s favourite adult hangout… Disneyland!

Aaron and his wife Lauren went to the happiest place on earth. She’s blonde again. Last month she went brunette. Seems a short amount of time to change one’s hair colour so drastically. Oh I’m the only who cares? Never mind then.

Click here to see Aaron Paul and wife Lauren at Disneyland.

And here to see Lauren as a brunette.