F-ck Henry Cavill, OK? When even one half of My Obsession is around, Henry Cavill can wait.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson spent a couple of months in Vancouver shooting Godzilla. Production on the film has been moved to Oahu, Hawaii. Check him out, all American army buffed and, at the same time, British pale. Unfortunately there are no shots of Sam. She was probably with the kids, at the beach.

Godzilla opens next May. That’ll be almost 9 months of separation from Pacific Rim. Enough time?

You know what’s interesting? Godzilla is a Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures property. And …so is Pacific Rim. I guess I’m not geek enough to understand the subtle tweaks that make up the difference.

Of Godzilla, Aaron recently told Total Film that, contrary to what you might expect, the experience of making the blockbuster is more like an independent film:

“The Godzilla crew is such a small group of people that it feels more like an independent movie than anything I’ve ever worked on. I’ve hardly done any green screen stuff for it; (the director) is really clever at doing the special effects. We’ll shoot everything raw on location, on the streets, and he’s putting it all around us. There’s an etiquette for guys in the military so there was training for that, how to hold guns and how to run and to talk to other officers. I love all that.” (Source)

This one isn’t very…complicated, you know? That’s what it is, I think. Or at least part of it. He’s just not very complicated.