I’m going to make this about me, sorry. Because many of you told me on Twitter and via email that you thought of me when Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s name was called for Best Supporting Actor. Because he’s half of My Obsession. Thank you for associating me with My Obsession.

But… like… it shoulda been Mahershala Ali, non?

No experts were predicting an ATJ win in this category. And no experts are predicting an ATJ nomination in this category at the Oscars. At least not as of yesterday. That might change today. Or it might not change at all because I’m not sure they’ll be able to send Tom Ford fragrances to all Academy members. You remember that, don’t you? The Nocturnal Animals team gifted the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with two bottles of cologne. And then ATJ won the award. Which is not to say that he didn’t deliver a terrific performance because he did and it’s the best of his career. But it’s hard not to make that connection.

Does this mean My Obsession will be at the Oscars? The HFPA is the one awards board that has given Nocturnal Animals any love. At the SAGs it’s only being represented in the stunt ensemble category. I disagree. I think Michael Shannon or ATJ should be in the Supporting Actor category for SAG over Hugh Grant in Florence Foster Jenkins. But the point is, ATJ is still, I think, a longshot for an Oscar nomination. His Golden Globe portrait, however, is one of the best. My God he is beautiful.