The photo agency has labelled this Romy Hero but Romy was born in January and, though I’m no expert on babies, I’m pretty sure an 8 month old baby can’t be this big.

So... it’s Wylda Rae then, right?

I’m going with Wylda Rae.

Here’s half my obsession, Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the Toronto set of Kick-Ass 2 yesterday. When he was shooting the first movie, OMG, he and Sam hadn’t even met yet and you can still hear his voice cracking when you watch it.

Anyway, the Taylor-Johnsons have stayed on in Toronto after the Anna Karenina premiere at TIFF as Aaron works on the sequel. Sam’s been seen at Olly in North Toronto shopping for kids’ shoes. They were both at Shoppers Drug Mart buying hair ties and diapers, no assistant, no drama, being all ordinary and normal and not screaming for attention.

F-ck. I was Toronto for two weeks, with more than a few occasions to run into them and it doesn’t happen. I don’t think I have any Yoon Fun with My Obsession. Just like I had no Yoon Fun with Adele. Yoon Fun, as I wrote last year, is “the Cantonese pronunciation for Relationship Destiny. And in Chinese, whether or not you have any Yoon Fun with something, or someone, is an expression that denotes kinda like a spiritual compatibility, a fate, with an event or a person, almost as though if it works out, it was pre-ordained, and if it doesn’t, well, it means that the abacus of life doesn’t want it to be so”.

I do have very good Yoon Fun with Colin Farrell though. Would you trade your Colin Farrell Yoon Fun for Taylor-Johnson Yoon Fun? I totally would.