Sometimes I forget that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are together in real life. Sometimes I get confused and wonder if it’s fan fiction…and then when I remember it’s not, I get happy. I was happy to see them together in these shots from Tuesday, at the premiere of Adam’s new show StartUp. How long has it been? A while. And I feel like we should totally care more but then I’m also pretty sure they don’t want us to care more. These two were married secretly. They’re not constantly loving their love on Instagram. Her Instagram barely acknowledges him. And she certainly doesn’t post photos of their baby on there. And they live in LA and aren’t constantly papped. Yes, it’s possible.

So I hope you enjoy these as I’m enjoying these. They don’t happen very often. And can I wonder again what I wonder every time we talk about Leighton? Why was it Serena and not Blair?