Adele, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence went out for dinner in New York last night. This is very, very exciting to me. I want to know if they got sh-tfaced. I want to know who they gossiped about. Don't tell me Adele doesn't gossip. Adele is one of us. Of course she gossips. So maybe they all sat around side-eying Chris Martin and his gorilla groove.

As you know, Adele doesn't go around sucking dicks so that she can show off that she's friends with people. If she's spending time with Emma and Jen, it means she actually wants to. Not that you needed confirmation that Emma and Jen are fun to be around. Maybe even more so now since they're both single at the same time.

As you know, Emma and Jen have been friends a while. Emma seems to be spending more time in New York since breaking up with Andrew Garfield. And Jen's done with Mockingjay 2 promo, hanging at home until she hits the road for Joy. Mockingjay 2 was #1 at the box office this weekend with $100 million, less than projected but still, $100 million. And it'll definitely approach a billion dollars by the time worldwide box office is counted after its theatrical run and DVD and other sales are taken into consideration. That's close to 4 billion dollars over the franchise. I don't think anyone needs to be in a pissy mood about this.

Adele as you know is the boss of music. So the boss of music and the boss of movies are friends now and I won't use that word. That word we've used all year when we refer to friend collectives, I won't use it. But I do wish that we had not overused it so much earlier because using it in this case would have been right.