It was confirmed today that Adele will perform at the Grammys. She’s nominated for 5 awards, including Album of the Year and, well, even though there are other others who are supposedly a factor at the Grammys, my focus on the Grammys is pretty much just Adele. And Beyoncé.

Last year at the Grammys, Adele sang All I Ask. Pretty sure All I Ask won’t be repeated this time. So… what will it be? Send My Love? A Million Years Ago? I’m hoping Hello. And if you’ve been reading my site the last year, you know that for months, I’ve been asking the Gossip Genie to give us The.Ultimate.Collaboration.

The Grammys are all about the collaborations. And my God, my GOD, if Adele and Beyoncé collaborated on, like, Hello…and then flowed into Sorry, Adele and Beyoncé with their deuces up? Before ending together on All Night? Imagine it. Imagine them singing it together: 

Our love was stronger than your pride
Beyond your darkness I’m your light

February 12. Hopefully.