I read a few articles today on how hard Justin Bieber’s been hustling his album, Purpose. And how badly he wants to outsell One Direction. He probably will.

But, really, will it matter in 4 days when Adele’s 25 comes out?

I leave on holiday on Saturday and as I’ve written several times before, Adele will be the soundtrack of my trip. Nothing else matters in music right now. Which is why everyone else is getting the f-ck out of her way.

As much as I love Adele though, I have some feelings on Billboard declaring her previous album, 21, the greatest of all time over The Sound Of Music and Thriller.


21 is a great album, 100%. But, but, but… is it the GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME?

Is it? One of the songs on the album is a cover song! And this is not about me sniping at Adele. I adore Adele. It’s just…

If I’m comparing, and this is what we do, we compare, I’d say Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black are both better than Adele’s 21. And you’re going to tell me your list of what’s better, from Carole King to Prince to etc etc etc. But also will they be better than Adele 25?

That’s another thing. Hello has just smashed records everywhere. How do you give this to 21 when 25 isn’t even out yet?

Here’s Adele out and about in New York the last few days. Big week for her in America. She’s doing The Today Show and SNL on the weekend. Makes sense. 21 sold 30 million copies. 10 million of those were in the United States.

To listen to a minute of When We Were Young, a new track off 25, watch below.