As you know, I have already written off Adrien Brody. Click here for a refresher. Here in Cannes, Adrien has validated his dismissal – for LIFE – from the Freebie 5. There is a reader who shall remain unnamed who stalwartly insists he deserves a reprieve. Like I said before – Brody might be Dunhill on the outside, but he’s 100% Ed Hardy on the inside.

Because how else could you explain fraternising with Ebola Paris Hilton?

So now, in addition to being a cheesy fake castle-buying, loser ass douche, he’s now infected with that piece of sh-t disease. It’s like he’s desecrating his Oscar by sticking it into the black hole between its legs.

And then, just to make sure we know he’s done, dead, and over...

Here’s Adrien arriving at the Armani yacht party last night in a leather suit.

That’s a lifetime ban.

Attached are photos of Adrien Brody with Paris Hilton in Cannes the other night. Click here for more.

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