He’s moved on to a blonde bombshell and with his golden tan and his beefy muscles, combined with her impressive assets – perhaps the most pulchritudinous young showbiz couple – they are much more appealing to most Hollywood watching sensibilities. Because let’s face it, as adorable as Alanis and Ryan were for a while, only because the pairing really was such an oddity, we all knew it would end the way it did.

He might write for The Huffington Post occasionally and use big words correctly and assert some intelligent opinions but he is also a horn dog. And not a very loyal one.

So now Alanis is alone. And writing again. And sharing her angst and disappointment again through her music. Which means her best music is on its way. Can’t wait.

While we’re waiting though, Alanis is working and she’s lending her support to causes close to her heart – here she is last night at the Inaugural Benefit for the Adrienne Shelly Foundation. Adrienne Shelly of course was the director of a lovely little movie called Waitress who was senselessly murdered in her home by a neighbour downstairs. He was apparently having a bad day and she had once complained about him making too much noise.

Adrienne’s daughter was two at the time of her death and she passed before learning that her film had been accepted at last year’s Sundance where it would go on to receive warm reviews.

Her foundation will support female filmmakers providing scholarships and entrepreneurial training to women looking to break in to the industry. Now you know how Alanis fits in. She performed at the event last night to rave reviews.

CORRECTION: Please note - Adrienne Shelley was NOT murdered by a neighbour but rather a construction worker doing work on her building.