So there’s the way Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx manage their relationship – still undercover after all these years – and the way Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are doing it. Which is to let us know after 5 minutes of dating that it was on.

JLO and ARod stepped out together again yesterday in New York after hanging out the previous day with her ma. As you can see, he’s holding on to a notebook. And TMZ explains why:

Alex Rodriguez brought a secret weapon to a business meeting Monday ... his GF, Jennifer Lopez.

Alex arrived at the NYC office building alone just before 1 PM ... we're told for a "post baseball opportunity." J Lo arrived shortly thereafter and they left together at 1:30.

We're told A-Rod respects J Lo's business acumen and wanted her there. He's been fielding offers since his retirement and we're told this meeting was important enough that he wanted her take.



He might be more successful than Casper Smart. But it turns out, they both need her to get them jobs.

Wanted her take? F-ck off, he wanted her take. He probably told her he wanted her take. Like, oh hey, I respect your mind so much, can you please come with me so that I can get your feedback on this potential deal? But from the beginning it’s been obvious, obvious that his profile benefits from their hookup. It’s just not obvious to her. Which, fine, whatever, if she’s happy to be that, and he makes her happy in other ways, sure, whatever. The ARod we’ve known for the last 20 years, though, is not that guy. Today he wants her take. Tomorrow it’s, I did this on my own, baby. Me first, me always.