Alex Rodriguez opened up for the first time about Madonna exclusively to People Magazine. Of course.

"I have a lot of respect for her. She's very committed to making the world a better place. She's had an amazing career, and we're friends. That's it."

Friends who f-ck, right?

He also says that rumours of them jetsetting and loving it up across the country together aren’t true:

"I can tell you this. I have never been on a plane with her."

According to ARod they’re not moving in together either:

"I've been to two [of her] concerts, yet I've read that I went to 20. I've also read that we were buying an apartment together. That is absolutely ridiculous and not true."

When People persisted about their romance and sleepovers, ARod replied:

"If I answered every rumor we'd be here for three weeks."

Not exactly a denial on that one, although People just HAD to throw in there that their infallible sources claim that ARod has NEVER spent the night at her place.

Oh please.

Still don’t understand why HIM but they’re totally doing it. And she’s totally loving the attention. But couldn’t she have picked a better younger man? I object to his hair.

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