Jennifer Lopez was at the NBC Universal press day event promoting the upcoming World Of Dance last night which gives me an excuse to talk some more about her and Alex Rodriguez. I’ve been telling you that I’m getting the Ben Affleck vibes with this relationship. And that, like most JLO relationships, it feels like she’s on an accelerated love timeline, even for a celebrity.

Remember my post yesterday about how she was hanging out with ARod’s sister, Susy Dunand. Thank you to the Spanish-speaking gossips out there (hi!) for pointing out the hashtag #miscuñis:


Any given Friday! #miscuñis!#jlo

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Here’s what a reader called Marcia wrote to me:

“Lainey something you would have missed in those instagram posts as I assume you don't speak Spanish. They're hash-tagged #miscuñis which in Spanish is a diminutive form of saying "my in-laws".  Jlo doesn't seem to be the only one moving too fast!!! #laineygrossesout.  Just thought u should know.”

Another reader called Claudia had this to say:

“Hi, Lainey! I don't know if you understood the caption of the pictures where there's JLo, ARod's sister and another lady but it says "miscuñis!" In Spanish that means "my sisters in law" as in plural! She's given JLo that label already! Yuck!”

I’m telling you. ARod wants this bad. Leaking to magazines that she’s his dream girl. Feeding her in a restaurant. Making her feel part of his family. JLO is hooked. I think she’s hooked.