Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie spent several months together in London last year working on Tarzan, due for release summer 2016. This weekend they were both at Sundance and according to E! News, they were all over each other at the Tinder party (the Tinder party!) on Friday night, holding hands and kissing. A friend of mine who was there tells me that while he didn’t see any kissing, she was sitting on his lap at one point and fed him what looked like an olive. PEOPLE also confirms that they were hanging out that night, stopping short of any details about touching and making out but definitely suggesting that there’s a situation happening between the two of them.

But what about the boyfriend? Tom Ackerly. Click here to see pictures of them together in November. And two weeks ago he posted a group shot that included her on Instagram (thanks Caroline!):



Back on this hype #Whitsundays

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That’s what makes it more convincing though. It’s what you do when you’re freshly single in Park City? Especially if they were fighting the attraction to each other during filming. And she’s totally Alex’s type too. There’s a Kate Bosworth similarity here, non?