Alexander Skarsgard was at the Rangers game last night in New York. Earlier this week, it was revealed that he’s been spending time with Alexa Chung in a more than friends way. No sign of her here though. He was with some other people, including a model called Breanna Sabo. At one point they passed a burger back and forth.

Do you burger with just anyone?

Do you thick-sandwich with just anyone?

I mean I’m down with sharing food. Offering a bite of something, taking a bite of something…but it depends on the something. And the someone, obviously. Like, my first question is always: are you sick and do you get cold sores? Cutting off a piece of your steak, a corner of your pizza is one thing. But certain sandwiches, like burgers, require major lip coverage. Essentially you’re smearing your mouth all over the place where someone else just smeared their mouth. It’s the exact opposite of a french fry.

Which doesn’t mean that Alex and Breanna are smearing, obviously. Different people have different intimacy settings. I’ve just told you mine. And you?