You remember a week ago today when Amal Alamuddin was wearing that white and black dress and she and George Clooney, together with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, were on the gondola and there was a professional photographer following them around? Click here for a refresher.

Those pictures ended up in Vanity Fair Italia along with many of the same wedding photos that you’ve been looking at in PEOPLE and HELLO! the last few days.

Vanity Fair’s spread is probably the best of the three. Holy sh-t Amal is photogenic. Look at the shot of her vamping in her bathrobe.


Who DIDN’T he sell these to?

I suppose, given their affinity for Italy, they wanted to secure an Italian exclusive in addition to the North American one with PEOPLE and in the UK with HELLO! But I don’t think anyone expected his wedding publicity – because, let’s face it, he fully publicised his wedding – to be this extensive.

Amal chose an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. You know who else wore an off-the-shoulder wedding dress?

While his face is all over lifestyle magazines because he’s married now, George also covers the latest Newsweek, nothing to do with Venice.

This is an extensive piece, written with Clooney’s involvement, detailing his experience in Sudan. The timing of all of it can’t be by accident. And he had to have known about it, leveraging the world’s current interest in him and trying to exploit some of that attention and redirect it to a noble cause. Like a reminder that he’s not just some Hollywood actor who throws his money around on the canal, he’s also an activist and a crusader, especially now that’s he’s half of a Power Couple: the Alamuddins.

But …you just want to keep looking at the wedding album, don’t you?

Click here and click here to see more. Be warned. You’re going to spend a LOT of time there.