She started off the weekend in black and white on Friday – click here  and here for a refresher. On Friday night for the rehearsal dinner it was a red McQueen. Gorgeous. 

On Saturday, Amal Alamuddin was kept hidden. We’ve yet to see the wedding dress and, if Team Clooney’s security measures worked, we won’t until a magazine publishes them – everyone is saying VOGUE because Anna Wintour was there.

Amal emerged on Sunday in a very pretty, very Giambattista Valli.

Today, as you saw earlier, it was a white pantsuit with a wide hat.

Through it all the hair has been the envy of the whole world. The fashion community is jerking off. All the way from Paris. It’s Fashion Week right now. And she managed to take all the style attention away from the runway.

Remember the comparison to Jackie O last week? Click here for a refresher. What do you think of that now?

That debate will likely never see a resolution. But here’s one that should be much easier…

Amal Alamuddin style >>>>>>> Katy Cambridge style.

Next year, when they call Amal a style icon, I can get behind them. But no Middleton should be on a Best Dressed List ever.

We agree on that, right?