Amal Clooney stepped out for dinner in New York wearing a furry vest and a pair of very expressive pants. I love that she loves fashion. And there’s a little “I don’t give a sh-t” about the way she loves fashion too. She’d know that these trousers aren’t a safe choice.

Yesterday I posted photos of Amal with George leaving Patsy’s after dining there with his mother. Click here for a refresher. According to E! News, George wasn’t carbing that night and Amal doesn’t like tomatoes on her salad but she doesn’t mind them when they’re stewed in sauce. Also when George passed the restaurant’s cookbook to her, this was supposedly her reaction: 

"Are you expecting me to cook? I don't cook!"

She’s handling human rights cases and writing legal briefs and researching. If she doesn’t want to cook, she doesn’t have to cook. It’s not like that’s part of the Clooney lifestyle anyway. I mean, eating is, for sure. And enjoying the food with some tequila. But their way is a lot more luxe. You want to know what that looks like?

Read the new Rande Gerber interview with the Evening Standard. Casamigos Tequila is coming to England. To promote the label, Gerber talked about how the tequila was conceived. Apparently they were just looking for good tequila and decided to make some themselves, for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION.

Can you imagine? Oh, let’s just put together some brand new tequila just so we can share it with our friends. Which they did. Only their friends wanted too much of it. So they decided to turn it into a bigger thing.

Gerber also reveals what it’s like to have George as a semi-permanent too-drunk-to-drive-home resident at his home. You know that Casamigos commercial when George ends up in bed with Cindy Crawford? It was based on a true story. One night he and Rande got so wasted they just crashed wherever and Cindy thought George was Rande and it ended up being a big joke.

There are also details here about their joint house in Mexico. How Rande and Cindy have to sleep on George’s side sometimes because their teenage kids end up taking over their place. There are teenagers living next to George Clooney.


Why didn’t I have kids 15 years ago so I could force them to be friends with these people?

Anyway, it’s a fascinating read. Rande is loyal so he doesn’t give up much that would compromise the Clooneys, but it’s enough of a teaser, enough of a glimpse behind the curtain, with several celebrity namechecks, to stroke your gossip boner. Click here to read. Thanks Sam!