Amanda Seyfried was photographed leaving her personal trainer’s place yesterday with her dog. Now I’m curious what her dog does when she works out. Marcus thinks it’s hilarious to step on me while I’m crunching my abs. Anyway, sorry to digress. The point of this post is not her dog, the point of this post is her boyfriend Ryan Phillippe.

Page Six
reported the other day that Amanda and Ryan were at The King’s Speech party the other night and had a rather “heated” conversation that ended with them walking away from each other and huddled in their respective camps the rest of the time. Witnesses said that Amanda seemed bummed out, and then they left separately.

No idea what they were rowing about. But it’s Ryan Phillippe. And since it’s Ryan Phillippe, I’m going to assume he was a pissy bitch about something and she’s so dumb she blamed herself. Unfair? Maybe if she was dating someone else. When you date Ryan Phillippe, Ryan Phillippe is #1. This is probably why he mines from the young 20s set.

Is she smart enough to break up with him? I’m more inclined to believe that she texted him all night until he forgave her.

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