Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski are no longer hiding their relationship. The couple attended a No-Kill LA animal rescue event over the weekend, and they each posted, reposted or retweeted photos of each other participating in the day’s activities. Thomas’ The Newsroom co-star Alison Pill was there, too, and she also posted a group shot featuring the two. In a comment on Alison’s Instagram, Thomas wrote the outing was “Pretty much the best day ever, yeah.”

But, this is a low stakes coming out party for Amanda and Thomas’ relationship. It’s for charity, it’s not a red carpet, and at this time, since they “officially” started dating (ahem) there are no formal photos (standing in front of a photo wall, posing) of Amanda and Thomas together.

Unlike her previous romantic history, Amanda’s been keeping this relationship pretty low key. So it’s a surprising photo to pop up on an Instagram feed, and then to be shared and reposted multiple times over. We don’t, um, necessarily know when the two got together – when PEOPLE and US confirmed their relationship back in March, both magazines were clear to identify that they “reconnected” when they “recently reunited” on-set of their upcoming movie, The Last Word. It’s the first public relationship for Amanda since splitting with Justin Long – whom she dated for two years – last fall, and Thomas, since he and wife of eight years, Kimberly Hope, announced their plans to divorce last October. They’ve liked and engaged with each other on social media in the past, but now that they’re willingly sharing photos of each other and acknowledging their relationship… maybe this is the first step to more, like attending the Tonys or Tony-related after-parties as a proper couple?

Amanda’s had a quiet spring. No big releases, just a lot of steady work on film sets. Over the weekend, she was photographed shooting scenes with Ed Helms in the movie, The Clapper. How long will it be until she and Thomas make their red carpet debut? How much time is the right amount of time between going social media official and going red carpet official?