Never EVER, not in a million years, especially not when I interviewed them both on the carpet at TIFF for Jennifer’s Body, did I ever think Seyfried would be asstalkier than Megan Fox. At the time, what I did think was that Seyfried needed new representation. Click here for a refresher. She was straight up abused by her publicists. Treated like a child, ordered around like a servant...


The Amanda Seyfried that’s emerged recently has been, well, dumb. Prone to stupid sh-t coming out of her mouth, like, all the time. As Duana noted at the Oscars, she did a piss poor job on the carpet with Ryan Seacrest, followed last week by her piss poor interview with Esquire – click here - during which she pops pills, talks sh-t, literally, and declares that, at 24, she’s “paid her dues” in Los Angeles and has earned the right to move elsewhere.

F-ck I hate being wrong the ones I love. F-ck!

Seyfried wasn’t supposed to be That Girl.

But it’s becoming more and more obvious that the draconian handling on the part of her publicity team may be very well warranted. This is not to say, however, that all is lost. Just that she needs more training. MUCH more training. Training as in education. And some humility. And a good, solid sit your skinny ass DOWN.

Attached – Amanda looking beautiful at the New York premiere of Chloe last night.

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